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Mitutoyo offers a wide range of micrometers viz disk micrometers, Outside micrometers, point micrometers, tub micrometers etc.The micrometer is commonly used in industry for securing small measurements.  Its purpose is to measure objects with extreme accuracy.


      Dial Snap Meters.             Quick Mike.
     Disk Micrometers.             Hub Micrometers.
      Balde Micrometers.             Wire Micrometers.
      Digimatic Micrometer.             Tube Micrometers.
      Canseam Micrometers.             Point Micrometers.
       Geae Tooth Micrometers.             Spline Micrometers.
      Digit Outside Micrometers.             V-anvil Micrometers.
      Crimp Height Micrometers.             Sheet Metal Micrometers.
      Holtest Complete - Unit set.              Screw Thread Micrometers.
      Disk Micrometers_Sr369,169.            Out Side Micrometers_Sr105.
      Digimatic Micrometer Series293.             Out Side Micrometers_Sr103.
      Holtest_Type II Complete Unit Set.             Out Side Micrometers_Sr107.
      Holtest 3 Point Internal Micrometers.             Out Side Micrometers_Sr340,104.
      Economy Type3 Point Internal Micrometers.             Quick - Setting Outside Micrometers.

   Water - Resistant Digimatic Micrometers.


Measuring Instruments.