Kumaun  manufactures a complete range of magnetic tools such as magnetic stands, magnetic  vee blocks, magnetic links, parallel blocks, magnetic knee, precision magnetic vices, magnetic right angles etc.

In India, our client list includes major defense, space, diesel engines, automobiles and engineering products manufacturers. Our magnetic vee blocks are supplied as OE by many machine tools manufacturers.

We export our range of Magnetic and non magnetic tools such as magnetic v blocks, parallel clamps, inspection steel parallels to Europe and USA  with zero rejection. 

We assure our end users, that we always take extra efforts to deliver you the best possible quality product. Our consistency in quality assures  a life long service of these tools.

        Alnico Pot Magnets.                    Magnetic Square Blocks.                Small Magnetic Base.                         

        Comparators Stand.                     Magnetic Chucks.                          Standard Magnetic Base.   

        Dial Gauge Stands.                      Magnetic Holder.                           Small Magnetic Base SRD 101 & 105.  

        Magnetic Vice.                             Magnetic Square.                          Heavy Magnetic Stands KM 785.

        Magnetic Adjustable Links.            Heavy Magnetic Stands KM 725.    Hydraulic Magnetic Bases.

        Flexible Magnetic Stands.              Heavy Magnetic Stands KM 637    V Block Hardened with Clamps.

        Heavy Magnetic Stands KM 635    Magnetic V Block.                        Magnetic V Block Special For Boring Bars.



Magnetic Tools