Flexible Magnetic Stands

SRD - 101F, KM - 525F, KM - 635F, KM - 725F


Complete flexibility is obtained by short tubular sections with precision ball joints linked by a steel cable. The flexible post can be adjusted to practically any desired position and locked lever at the base of the post. This complete flexibility permits use of the indicator in awkward hard to reach position which are impossible to reach by conventional indicator holding devices. A unique Fine Adjustment is provided at the base at desired position.

Supplied in two types :
   1) Push Button Model                      

   2) ON / OFF Switch model

Cat. No L * W * H Height
- - -
SRD-101F 51*45*45 315 mm
KM - 525F 60*50*50 350 mm
KM - 635F 74*68*63 465 mm
KM - 725F 73*50*64 440 mm




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