Trade Combine offers a wide range of top quality quality cutting tools from "VANS" in Solid Carbide.

  • Solid carbide and through coolant parallel shank drills.

  • 3 / 4 / 6 flute end mills - standard, long series and ball nose end mills.

  • 2 flute slot drills.

  • Solid carbide reamers.

VANS cutting tools are available with out coating or  Tialn (black) or Tin (Yellow) coating.

Dealers inquiry solicited for stock and sell.




We also have surplus stocks of Addison, I/T, Jeson, Totem, Miranda, STM, HST, Mini in HSS hand taps, machine taps, nut taps, extra long series drills, slitting saws, end mills, slot drills, reamers with H7 tolerances, A type center drills, B type center drills, slot drills, core drills, Chasers and Dies. Please ask for our web specials discount on our surplus stocks or download the current surplus stock list of HSS cutting tools.



Cutting Tools