We offer a wide range of cutting tools in High speed steel [HSS] M2 & M7, HSCo, HSCo-TiAIN, HSCo-TiN, HSCo-TiCN, ASP30, ASP60 and micro grain solid carbide on ex - stock basis from reputed brands like Addison, I/T, JK,  Hittco, Mini, SRP, Totem, Miranda, Bipico Eclipse, Sandvik, and from our own manufacturing brand "Vans".

You can click on the following links to go directly to their products ranges available with us. Pricelists are available for download in pdf and direct printing from the html pages. You want to browse Addison roughing end mills >>Addison>>end mills>>roughing end mills.

Parallel shank Jobber Series Twist Drills Morse Taper Shank Twist Drills.
Stub Drills. Gun Drills.
Long Series Drills. Extra Long Series Drills.
Subland Drills. Core Drills.
Centre Drills. Silver Deming Drills.
Ship Auger Drill Bits. Masonry Drills.

Side & Face Cutters. Slitting Saws.
Staggered Tooth Side & Face Cutters. Slotting Cutters.
Cylindrical Milling Cutters. Helical Milling Cutters.
Keyway Milling Cutters. Single Angle Cutters.
Double Angle Cutters. Equal angle Cutters.
Concave Cutters. Convex Cutters.
Oil Groove Cutters. Gangway Cutters.
Single Corner Rounding Cutters. Double Corner Rounding Cutters.
Involutes Gear Cutters. Rotary Form Cutters.
Face Cutters. Woodruff Key Slot Milling Cutters.
Woodruff Key seat Cutters. Hole Mills.
Taper Shank T Slot Cutters. Parallel Shank T Slot Cutters.

Parallel Hand Reamers. Long Fluted Machine Reamers.
Parallel Machine Reamers. Machine Jig Reamers.
Parallel Shank Chucking Reamers. Taper Shank Chucking Reamers.
Shell Reamers. Parallel Shank Socket Hand Reamers.
Hand Taper Pin Reamers. Machine Taper Pin Reamers.
Machine Bridge Reamers. Carbide Tipped Reamers.
Center Reamers. Carbide Reamers.

Counter Bores & Countersinks

Counter Bores With Taper Shank. Counter Sinks With Taper Shank.
Counter Bores With Parallel Shank. Counter Sinks With Parallel Shank.

End Mills
Taper Shank End Mills - Standard Series. Taper Shank End Mills - Long Series.
Parallel Shank End Mills. Screwed Shank End Mills.
Carbide End Mills. Parallel Shank Roughing End Mills.
Taper Shank Roughing End Mills. Roughing Shell End Mills.
Extra Long End Mills. Multi Flutes End Mills.
Centre Cutting End Mills. TiN Coated End Mills.
3 Flute Short Length End Mills. 4 Flutes Centre Cutting Lon Series End Mills.

Slot Drills.
Taper Shank Slot Drills. Parallel Shank Slot Drills.
Parallel Shank Slot Milling cutters. Screwed Shank Slot Drills.
2 Flutes Long Series Slot Drills. 3 Flutes Center / Centre Cutting Slot Drills.
2 Flutes Short Length Centre Cutting Slot Drills Parallel Shank Carbide Slot Drills.

Ground Thread Taps.
Hand Taps. Machine Taps.
Hand Taps - Metric Coarse Pitch. Hand Taps - Metric Fine Pitch.
BSW Hand Taps. BSF Hand Taps.
UNC Hand Taps. UNF Hand Taps.
B.S. Conduit Hand Taps. BSP 'G' Series Hand Taps.
BSPT Hand Taps. Rc Series. BSCY Hand Taps.
Long Shank Machine Taps - Metric Coarse Pitch. Long Shank Machine Taps - Metric Fine Pitch.
Metric Coarse Pitch Nut Taps. BSW Nut Taps.
BSF Nut Taps. UNC Nut Taps.
UNF Nut Taps. Spiral Fluted Taps.
Metric Spiral Flute Fine Taps. Metric Spiral Point Taps.
Metric Spiral Point Coarse Taps. Metric Straight Flute Left Hand Taps.
NPSF Taps. NPT Taps.
BA Taps NPSM Taps.
Flute less Taps. NPTF Taps.

Metric Coarse Dies. Left Hand Metric Coarse Dies.
Metric Coarse Dienut. UNC Dies.
UNF Dies. BSW Dies.
BSF Dies. BA Dies.
G Series [BSPF] Dies. R Series [BSPT] Dies.
NPT Dies. NPTF Dies.
BS Cycle Dies. Whitworth Dies.
Carbon Steel Dies. Rolling Dies.


Hacksaws. Band Saws Rolls.
Power Saws. Bimetal Hole Saws.
Carbon Steel Hole Saws. Jig Saws.
Hand Hacksaws. Marble Cutting Blades.
Segmental Saws. Wood Hand Saws.


We are manufacturers and authorized distributors for "Vans" brand  quality cutting tools viz parallel shank jobber series twist drills, taper shank twist drills, end mills, reamers, slot drills and side face cutters. Please ask for our catalogue. We also manufacture special cutting tools as per customer's specifications under six weeks depending on quality.

Also, request to browse our surplus stock section; where most of the tools from Addison, SRP, Jeson, Emkay in taps, extra long drills, special reamers, center drills are available at bargain prices.

We are looking to appoint dealers for Vans brand cutting tools in Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Faridabad, Delhi, Bhopal, Nasik, Cochin, Indore, Noida, Chandigarh, Rajkot, and Aurangabad.




Please see our surplus stock page for list of hss cutting tools. A brief summary.

We have excess stocks of hss / carbide cutting tools including parallel shank jobber drills, taper shank drills, stub drills, extra long drills, gun drills, sub land drills, hand reamers, bridge reamers, centre drills, center drills, core drills, end mills, slot drills, hand taps, machine taps, nut taps from brands like addison, i/t, jason, mini, srp, dormer, hittco, emkay, voras, durakut etc. Some of the cutting tools are with out original packing but are totally unused.

Also, as a past importer of cutting tools from world over, we are having a type and b type centre drills from china, gear shaper cutters, gear module cutters, shaving cutters from TOSS - Czechoslovakia, Dormer drills, presto masonry drills, Thread rolling dies and chasers from Poland, end mills with cobalt from skf, power saws from eclipse and sandvik, etc.

We have large quantities of hand taps, machine taps, nut taps, extra long taps in sets and loose. Most of them are plug taps or second taps. Brands are aironak, emkay, totem, addison, dormer and titex.

Please quote for total quantities of each individual sizes in seperate categories.

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