Measuring Pins & Wires

Measuring Pins

Measuring Pins and pin sets are used to check small bores, centre distance between  two holes, to check slot width, to check effective diameter of threads, to substitute GO and NO GO members of plug gauges up to 20 mm.

measuring pins set

RANGE : 0.100 TO 25.00 MM

These  Pins  are  supplied  in  attractive  wooden  containers  in  set of  :
0.01 mm,0.02 mm,0.05 mm, 0.10 mm. Loose pins can also be supplied on request of any sizes in above range. Pins are available with or without knobs. Prices available on request. 


Thread  Measuring Wires

Thread measuring wires are used to check effective diameter of thread gauges, taps and any other threads.

measuring wires
 Range : 0.17,0.22,0.250,0.290,0.335,0.455,
             1.350,1.650,2.050,2.550,3.200 mm

The above set can be given in two wire set and three wire set in inch & mm.
Prices are available on request. 



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