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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TT300 / 300A / 310 / 320 / 340

ultrasonic thickness gauge TT300/300A/310/320/340




                      Technical Specification:-    

  TT300 TT300A TT310 TT320 TT340
Measuring range 1.2-225.0mm (steel) 0.75-225.0mm (steel) 1.2-225.0mm (steel) 1.2-225.0mm (steel) 5.0-80.0mm (steel high-temp) 1.2-225.0mm (steel)
Tolerance 1% + 0.1mm (H means thickness of tested piece) 0.5%H +0.01mm (H means thickness of tested piece) 1% H +0.1mm (H means thickness of tested piece)
Measuring range of steel pipes 20mm 3.0mm 15mm 2.0mm 20mm 3.0mm 20mm 3.0mm
Display resolution 0.1/0.01mm or 0.01/0.001 inch 0.01mm/0.001 inch 0.1mm / 0.01 inch
Data output RS232 -
Sound velocity 1000m/s ~ 9999m/s
Power supply 2pcs AA batteries (2pcs) 1.5V
Battery life 100 hours without backlight
Sound speed 1000m/s ~ 9999m/s
Measuring units mm / inch
Dimensions 152mm 74mm 35mm
Weight 370g 250g 370g
Surface temperature -10C ~ + 60C -10C ~ + 300C -10C ~ + 60C
Dimensions 152mm 74mm 35mm


Download the PDF thickness guage for ultrasonic thickness guage TT 300


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