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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TT100/110/120/130

ultrasonic thickness gauge TT100/110/120/130




                  Technical Specification:-

  TT100 TT110 TT120 TT130
Measuring range 0.7 - 300.00mm (steel)
Measuring range for steel pipes 20 3.0mm
Diameter of transducer 10 (standard) 6 (optional) 12 (optional)
Display resolution 0.1mm 0.01mm
Calibration 4.0mm steel base plate integrated
Tolerance (1% H + 0.1)mm (H means the thickness of tested piece)
Measuring units mm / inch
Sound velocity range 1000-9999m/s 5900 m/s 1000-9999 m/s
Display 4-Digital LCD with backlight 4-Digital LCD
Surface temperature -10C to +60C -10 to + 300C -10C to + 60C
Battery indicator Low battery voltage indication
Power supply 2 Pcs. AA batteries 1.5V
Working time 250 hours
Dimensions 126mm   68mm   23mm
Weight Approx. 250g including batteries


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