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Surface Roughness Tester TR200 / 210 / 220

surface roughness tester TR200/210/220




                            Technical Specification:-                             

  TR200 TR2100 TR220
Roughness parameter Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt, Rp, Rmax, Rv, R3z, RS, RSm, RSk, Rmr. Ra, Rz, Rq, Ry. Ra, Rz, Ry, Rq, Rt, Rp, Rmax, Rv, R3z, RS, RSm, RSk, Rmr, Rpc, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2.
Assessed profiles Roughness profile (R)
Primary profile (P)   Primary profile (P)
Measuring system Metric, English
Display resolution 0.01m
Data output RS232
Measuring Range 20m, 40m, 80m
Cutoff length (L) 0.25mm / 0.8mm / 2.5mm / Auto
Evaluation length 1 ~ 5L (selectable) 5L 1 ~ 5L (selectable)
Tracing length (1 ~ 5)L + 2L (selectable) 5L + 2L (1 ~ 5)L + 2L (selectable)
Digital filter RC, PC-RC, Gauss, D-P
Max. tracing length 17.5mm / 0.71 inch
Min. tracing length 1.3mm / 0.051 inch 1.8mm / 0.071 inch 1.3mm / 0.051 inch
Pick-up Standard pickup TS100, inductive, Diamond stylus radius 5m, angle of stylus 90
Tolerance ≤ 10%
Repeapility < 6%
Power Li-ion battery rechargeable
Dimensions 141mm 56mm 48mm
Weight 480g 440g


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