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Coating Thickness Gauge TT220 / 230

coating thickness gauge TT220 / 230


Coating thickness gauges are essential to check the exact amount of coating done on your product. A less amount of coating means the coating will wear out in the initial use and more coating layers means it will either crack or spread unevenly giving the surface unbalanced look with some part more glossier than other. Coating is done in most cases to provide a anti corrosion for your products. This instrument checks the layers of coatings on ferrous and non ferrous using eddy and magnetic current. F probe means on ferrous and Probe N is for non ferrous applications. Probe F works on magnetic induction principals and is commonly used for checking insulated coating like paint, enamel and non ferrous coating on ferrous objects. Probe N measures insulating coating on non-ferrous by eddy current method.



                     Technical Specification:-    

  TT220 TT230
Probe types F N
Measuring methods magnetic induction eddy current
Measuring range 0 to 1250m
Display resolution 1m (0.1m when thickness is less than 10m)
Tolerance One points calibration (3% H + 1) (3% H + 1.5)
H means the thickness of tested piece
Two points calibration [(1~3)% H + 1] [(1~3)% H + 1.5]
H means the thickness of tested piece
Measuring condition Min. curvature radius (mm) Convexity 1.5 Convexity 3
Min. testing area diameter (mm) 7 5
Critical thickness of substate (mm)  0.5 0.3
Power supply Rechargeable NiMH battery (2pcs)
Working temperature 0 - 40C
Dimensions 150mm 53mm 22mm
Weight 150g


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