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Bench [Rockwell] Hardness Tester TH550

bench [rockwell] hardness tester TH550


A precise and sturdy hardness tester for checking the values in Rockwell A, B and C. This bench model is suitable for practically all metal working  industries. Full functions, Easy to use and sensible price makes this Rockwell hardness tester a favorite among industries. We can also provide after sales service for the machines sold by us and a calibration certificate will be provided. For more details and commercial price on this hardness tester, please send us your e-mail and we will be touch soon.




                                      Technical Specification:-          

Pre-load 98.1N (10kgf)
Total load 588.4N (60Kgf), 980.7N (100Kgf), 1471N (150Kgf)
Rockwell Scales 1 ~ 100HRA, 0 ~ 130 HRB, 0 ~ 100HRC
Testing resolution 0.1 Rockwell unit
Working method Auto loading of main test force, auto hold and digital display of results
Vertical testing space 200 mm (7.87")
Horizontal testing space 160 mm (6.30")
Dimensions 580  270 740 mm
Weight 105 kg


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