Noga manufactures a wide range of magnetic tools such as magnetic stands, magnetic  stands with articulated arms, magnetic holders, PH holders, special magnetic bases, specialty holders, sets and accessories, modular holders, Concentromat, comparator stands, etc. Noga manufactured in Israel is one of the leading and prestigious manufacturers of magnetic tools. Trade combine, Mumbai - India are pleased to offer the Noga magnetic stands and other accessories.



                                                                Magnetic Stands with Articulated Holders FAT                 PH holders FAT                       

                                                                Magnetic Stands with Articulated Holders FAB                 PH holders FAB

                                                                Specialty holders                                                          Magnetic Bases

                                                                Sets and Indicators                                                       Comparator stands

                                                                Modular holders                                                            Concentromat   


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Magnetic Tools

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Please also view our other magnetic products such as magnetic v blocks, magnetic stands, magnetic boring bars, magnetic links, pot magnets in our magnetic tools section. We are offering authorized distributorship / dealership for representing our Matrutara / Aku brand magnetic stands and v blocks for dealers who will place bulk or scheduled orders in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Ahemdabad, Nasik, Indore, Vizag, Faridabad, etc. Dealers for Kolkatta and Rajkot has been appointed.