Hand Tools Divn.  

 Bluestar / Matrutara Products. Hand tools: bolt cutters, cable cutters, wire cutters, pocket cutters, forgings, torque wrenches, gate pointers, pliers, etc.

 M Forge, Umergaon, Union Territory & S TS M , Mumbai.

Heat Treatment

Die Shop

We undertake job work in close die forging in Non ferrous metals, Mild and Alloy steels for minimum 5000 pcs. ( 3 KGs of Steel, 8 KGs of Non Ferrous metals)


Cutting Tools Divn.    

Aku brand  HSS / solid carbide cutting tools.


Inspection Instruments ( Major )


Precision Magnetic Tools Divn.

Products: Magnetic V blocks, Magnetic dial stands, Links, Inspection Steel Parallel blocks, Boring bars with saddle.

 We have two brown and sharp grinders for maintaining higher accuracies for the magnetic tools in our factory at Pune. All our v blocks carry inspection / calibration certificates.



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