Hand Tools

        Hammers      Soft faced hammers, Nylon (uhmw) hammers, Rawhide hammers, Plastic hammers, Rubber hammers, Copper hammers, Brass hammers.                                                          

        Mallets        Single piece and 3 piece construction nylon (uhmw) mallets, Rawhide mallets, Plastic mallets, Lead mallets, Rubber mallets.

        Taparia        Screwdrivers, Phillips pattern screwdrivers, Screw spanners, Chisels, line testers, Combination spanners.

        Everest        Open jaw single ended spanners, Bi hexagonal ring spanners, Combination spanners, Combination pliers, Side cutting pliers, Ball pein hammers.

        Bluestar       Bolt cutter, Pocket cutters, Wire cutters, Cable cutters, Hydraulic wire rope cutters, Hydraulic cable cutters.

        Aku            Hand held hydraulic wire rope cutters, Hand held hydraulic cable cutters.

Trade Combine: Manufacturers, Authorized distributors, Authorized dealers and Manufacturers' representatives in India for quality hand tools. We have a wide range of hand tools for each and every applications. Our distribution range include tools for automobiles industries, aircraft, fertilizers, electrical and electronic industries, machine tools manufacturers, chemical companies, etc.

Please click on the links to know more on product details. We do not limit ourselves to supply in Maharashtra but supply to all over India with emphasis on Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya pradesh, Uttar pradesh, Goa, Tamilnadu, West bengal, Delhi, Kerala, Assam, etc.

We export our tools world wide to USA, UK, Argentina, U.A.E., Middle East, Australia, Germany and to other 11 countries. Our manufacturing facility follows ISO 9000 norms for quality control.



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