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Ralli Wolf


Shaft Flexible Grinder


 Flexible shaft power tools gives you the ability to have a huge amount of power and torque right at your fingertips without having to hold a heavy tool. Another great concept of these flexible shaft power tools is that the hand-held tools can be a straight, angle or belt grinder.

 Cat. No. FSG2 / FF2


  ralli wolf shaft flexible grinder FSG2


 Model  FSG2  FF2
 Capacity  6 mm (collet)  6 mm (collet)
 Watts input (full load)  370 watts  370 watts
 No Load Speed  11500 r.p.m  1200/11500 r.p.m
 Approx. Weight  5.015 Kg  5.525 Kg.


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Ralli Wolf