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 Air blowers are useful for removing micro dust particles, small piece of scraps from the work places. A small plastic outlet is provided for aiming the flow of air on precise place for a speedy removal. Handy tool for every companies.

  Cat. No. NWB


  ralli wolf blowers NWB


 Model  NWB
 Capacity  1.5 mm3 /min
 Watts input (full load)  350 watts
 Nozzle Air Velocity  308 kmph
 Approx. Weight  4.6 Kg.


 Cat. No. 77750


  ralli wolf blowers 77750


 Model  77750 (High Sp.)  77750 (Low Sp.)
 Capacity  2.0 mm3/min  1.6 mm3/min
 Watts input (full load)  750 watts  450 watts
 Nozzle air Velocity  400 kmph  315 kmph
 Approx. Weight  3.65 Kg.  3.65 Kg.


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Ralli Wolf