Auto Tools

India has become the hub for international as well as national automobile manufacturers. To serve the growing demands of this booming sector, we have imported certain quality tools and instruments and some have been manufactured locally. The list is as follows:
  1. Timing lights with xenon bulbs
  2. Tachometer - contact and non contact types or combined models (RPM Meters)
  3. Anemo meters.
  4. Coating thickness gauges.
  5. Paint adhesion testers, scratch adhesion testers.
  6. Hydraulic spring testers.
  7. Hydraulic torque wrenches.
  8. Filter wrenches.
  9. Crankshaft deflection gauges.
  10. Push pull gauges.
  11. Impact sockets, long impact sockets, deep impact sockets in different square drives.
  12. Laser temperature guns.

You can send us inquiries of your requirement with brief description to and we will revert back with our quote. Besides the above mentioned list, we also have several other instruments which are imported specifically on demands of our customers. We will be more than pleased to serve your import requirments.



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