Precision Spirit Levels 98 Series.

These levels have ground and graduated main vials. All sizes have a cross lest vial except the 4" (100mm) models.

The 12" (300 mm) model also has a plumb vial and the and the 18" (450 mm) size has a double plumb vial.

These vials are adjustable to a positive setting and the housed in a satin chrome brass tube with a friction fit closing cover to prevent breakage.

The base of the levels features an involute groove running he length of the base, which provides a reliable seal for round work such as pipes or shafting.

With the cross test vial, it is possible to simultaneously level in both directions. This prevents inaccuracies in the main vial reading caused by canting the sidewise on round work. 

No. 98 series.


Size  Without Case Cat. No.
 100 mm   98 - 4
 150 mm  98 - 6
 200 mm  98 - 8
 300 mm   98 - 12



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