Digimatic Measuring Tapes.

These new American made products from the worlds leading measuring tape innovator are the first accurate and dependable electronic measuring tapes mat also function as a standard tape measure. They are available in different lengths, in both the rugged 1" (25 mm) wide blade size.

Versatile, Reliable Features and Benefits:


Digi Tape plus has all the features of a regular digi tape model, plus the following enhanced functions:

                  Metric Reading:-

 Blade width mm  Length Feet (meters)  Readout  Blade Graduation Style** and Numbering  Cat. No.
   3/4" (19 mm) 16' ( 5 m)  Metric Only  Inch and Centimeter  D34 - 5CM
 1" ( 25 mm) 25' (8 m) D1 - 8CM



Starrett Measuring Instruments


Trade Combine, Mumbai, India is authorized distributors for Starrett precision measuring instruments.