Crankshaft Deflection Gauges.

An ideal gage for checking bearing alignment or shaft deflection without dismantling the engine. Also useful as a  strain gage on engine frames. This inside measuring gage checks the distortion of crankshaft webs. This distortion bears a direct relation to existing misalignment of excessive bearing wear. The gage makes it possible to check bearing alignment or undue shaft deflection without dismantling the engine. Used on all diesel engine shafts and the center crankshafts on any type of engine or compressor, the gage can also be applied  as a strain gage on engine frames while the engine is operating. A comparison of readings taken at top and bottom positions indicates any misalignment cylinder and frame which results in local over-stress and eventual cracking of the frame neck.

No. 696 Series

No. 696B Balancing Attachment

No. 696B Balancing attachment furnished with the gage. for certain application, like turning the crank under test with the gage in place, the attachment can be adjusted to maintain the face of the indicator upward of in desired position. To install it on a strain gage in use, remove the knurled clamping nut, then the doweled plate or end strap at either end by the screw. The unit is then positioned over the hubs on two sides of the indicator head. A spring plunger provides the friction that holds the balance in proper relation to position. The parts are nickel  plated.                             

 Cat. No.  Range  Graduation  Dial Reading
 696Z  2 3/8 - 18"  0.001"  0-20-0
   696MZ     61 - 458 mm     0.02 mm  0-50-0



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