Combination Sets.

Combination Sets with square head, center head  and nonreversible protractor head and blade.

Cast Iron Heads: No. 9 series


With reversible lock bolts, scriber, spirit level in both square head and protractor head, direct reading double 180 protractor scale hardened steel, machine divided blade. Also available with satin chrome blade and protractor head. Cast iron heads with black wrinkle finish.

      300 - 600 mm and 11 3/4 - 23 1/2"                                          9ME Series                433ME Series

300 mm & 11 3/4"  1/2 mm and 32nds One side; mm and    64ths Reverse side Regular 9ME-300 50047 433ME-300 51540
600 mm & 23 1/2" 1/2 mm and 32nds One side; mm and   64ths Reverse Side Regular 9ME-600 50048 433ME-600 56125



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