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Granite Comparator Stands

Mitutoyo Granite Comparator Stands are basic building - blocks for the assembly of special - purpose, precision - measuring equipment. By mounting Precision - measuring instruments onto the stands, it is possible to satisfy all manner of measuring assignments, including  comparative measurement. The rigid granite base is free from burrs, pileups, rust and deterioration over time.

granite comparator stands         

Code No. Clamping stem diameter Maximum working height Fine-adjusting range  Mass Remarks
215-151 8 mm 200 mm 1 mm 7 kg Base size: 150x200 mm (Flatness: 0.002 mm)
215-152 8 mm 250 mm 1 mm 11 kg Base size: 200x250 mm (Flatness: 0.002 mm)
215-155 20 mm (8 mm) 270 mm Entire Stroke 15 kg Base size: 200x250 mm (Flatness: 0.002 mm)


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