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Plunger type dial gauges

Plunger Type

    Salient Features:

  • A sturdy and robust dial gauge
  • Fitted with Swiss brass bush bearings
  • Supplied with tolerance pointers
  • Strong and smooth metal bezel.
  • Rigid, forged brass case
  • Aesthetically appealing protective top cap in black colour
  • Tungsten carbide ball anvil
  • Metric gauges conform to IS2092-1983 and for the European market to DIN878-1983
  • Inch gauges conform to ASME B89.1.10M-2001
  • Each gauge carries a calibration certificate giving actual values
  • Wide range of dial gauges in various ranges and readings available
  • Special dial gauges for OEMs also manufactured on request
  • Complete spares and after sales service available
  • 0.001mm x 1mm dial gauge fitted with 8 jewels and conforms to JIS B-7503-1997
  • Exported to 46 countries all over the world

Each gauge carries a calibration certificate giving actual values.
The metric gauges for markets like India, Europe, South America, Japan etc. conform to IS, ISO & DIN JIS specifications with anvil thread M2.5 and clamping stem dia.8mm
The inch gauges for U.S.A and Canada markets conform to ANSI specifications with anvil thread
#4-48 UNF and clamping stem dia. 3/8inch.
Bezel dia Type Reading Range Graduation
58mm J01 0.01mm 10.0mm 0-50-0
58mm J02 0.01mm 10.0mm 0-100
58mm J03 0.01mm 5.0mm 0-50-0
58mm J04 0.01mm 5.0mm 0-100
58mm J05 0.1mm 10.0mm 0-10
58mm J06 0.1mm 25.0mm 0-10
58mm J08A 0.01mm 25.0mm 0-100
58mm JZ 0.01mm 0.8mm 40-0-40
58mm JO9A 0.002mm 2.0mm 0-10-0
58mm J10A 0.002mm 2.0mm 0-20
58mm J11A 0.002mm 5.0mm 0-10-0
58mm J12A 0.002mm 5.0mm 0-20
58mm J13 0.002mm 12.0mm 0-10-0
58mm J14 0.002mm 12.0mm 0-20
58mm J17A 0.001mm 1.0mm 0-100-0
58mm J50A 0.001inch 1.0inch 0-100
58mm J51 0.001inch 0.5inch 0-50-0
58mm J52 0.001inch 0.5inch 0-100
58mm J53 0.0005inch 0.5inch 0-25-0
58mm J54 0.0005inch 0.5inch 0-50
58mm J61A 0.0001inch 0.20inch 0-50-0
58mm J62A 0.0001inch 0.20inch 0-100
58mm J63 0.0001inch 0.50inch 0-50-0
58mm J64 0.0001inch 0.50inch 0-100
58mm JY 0.001inch 0.08inch 40-0-40
88mm J72 0.01 mm 50.0mm 0-100
88mm J76 0.001 inch 2.0 inch 0-100
105mm J101 0.01mm 2.0mm 0-50-0
40 mm diameter plunger dial gauge
Small dial diameter convenient for use where the larger dial diameters are not possible to be used particularly in small places.
Ideal for smaller bore gauges like 10 to 18mm Bore gauges.
Jeweled to give accuracy and longer operational performance.
Bezel dia Type Reading Range Graduation
40.2mm J39 0.01mm 5.0mm 0-50-0
40.2mm J40 0.01mm 5.0mm 0-100
40.2mm J41 0.001inch 0.2inch 0-50-0
40.2mm J42 0.001inch 0.2inch 0-100


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