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Lever Type

    Salient Features:

  • Fitted with jewels and Swiss miniature ball bearings for smoother operation
  • Highly sensitive at the same time robust dial gauge suitable for workshop use
  • Auto reversal mechanism.
  • Metric gauges conform to IS 11498-1985 and for the European market to DIN 2270-1985
  • Inch gauges conform to ASME B89.1.10M-2001
  • Each gauge carries a calibration certificate giving actual values.
  • Available in two bezel diameters- 28mm and 38 mm
  • Integral dovetail offers flexibility and rigidity for mounting of the gauge.
  • Metric gauges have 2 mm tungsten carbide ball stylus while for inch gauges have 0.08-inch tungsten carbide ball stylus. Both are supplied with 8 mm spigot assembly as standard supply.
  • No optional accessories are offered when suffix A is added to the type number.
  • Additional 1 mm carbide ball stylus (0.04 inch for inch series) height gauge adaptor, universal clamp and 4 mm dovetail spigot assembly (1/4 inch for inch series) offered as optional accessories for the gauges when type number is with out suffix A
baker lever type dial gauge 302
Supplied with 2mm/.08 inch tungsten carbide ball stylus and 8mm/3/8 inch spigot assembly with full set of accessories
Bezel dia Type Reading Range Graduation
28mm 302 0.01mm 0.8mm 0-40-0
28mm 304 0.002mm 0.2mm 0-10-0
28mm 301 0.0005inch 0.03inch 0-15-0
28mm 303 0.0001inch 0.008inch 0-4-0
38mm 306 0.01mm 0.8mm 0-40-0
38mm 308 0.002mm 0.2mm 0-10-0
38mm 305 0.0005inch 0.03inch 0-15-0
38mm 307 0.0001inch 0.008inch 0-4-0
Supplied with 2mm/.08 inch tungsten carbide ball stylus and 8mm/3/8 inch spigot assembly only
Bezel dia Type Reading Range Graduation
28mm 302A 0.01mm 0.8mm 0-40-0
28mm 304A 0.002mm 0.2mm 0-10-0
28mm 301A 0.0005inch 0.03inch 0-15-0
28mm 303A 0.0001inch 0.008inch 0-4-0
38mm 306A 0.01mm 0.8mm 0-40-0
38mm 308A 0.002mm 0.2mm 0-10-0
38mm 305A 0.0005inch 0.03inch 0-15-0
38mm 307A 0.0001inch 0.008inch 0-4-0


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