Rawhide Mallets

rawhide mallets

Rawhide mallets manufactured from high grade arsenicated Buffalo Raw Hides, heavily pressed under powerful Hydraulic Press and seasoned for several months. Dependable uniform quality.

Maximum life. Turns like new again if  finished on grinding wheel after prolonged use.

Rawhide being the toughest natural substance, this Mallet will deliver a firm, non rebound soft blow without damaging the part struck and least damage to the mallet itself.

Approved by Sheet Metal Works, Body Builders, Engineering Works, Craftsmen, etc. Ideal and economic substitute for wooden Mallet.

Ref. No: MR-61 MR-62 MR-63 MR-64 MR-65 MR-66
Dia. mm 25 32 38 44 50 63
Appx kg. 0.090 0.160 0.200 0.260 0.350 0.520


Ref. No: MR-67 MR-68 MR-69 MR-70 MR-71 MR-72
Dia. mm 70 70 76 76 89 100
Appx kg. 0.750 0.780 1.000 1.100 1.200 2.000


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