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Pistol Drills


 A pistol drill is very useful in metal working, construction activities, metal working and wood working. It consist of drill chuck with different capacity.

 Consist of chuck, trigger like switch and pistol grip. Very handy for DYI.


 Cat. No. D6SH


 Capacity  6.5 mm
 Power Input  240 W
 No Load speed  4500/min
 Weight  0.9 Kg


 Cat. No. PR110


 Capacity  10 mm
 Power Input  240 W
 No Load speed  2800/min
 Weight  1.4 Kg


 Cat No. DU 10


 Capacity  10 mm
 Power Input  550 W
 No Load speed  1250/min
 Weight  1.8 Kg


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