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Circular Saw 


Circular saws are one of the most common power tools in use today. With the appropriate blade, circular saws are capable of cutting wood, steel, masonry, and ceramic tile. Circular saw sizes are usually classified to by the diameter of their blades. Sizes range from 3" to 16", but 5 3/8" to 7 1/4" are the most common.


 Cat. No. C8


 Capacity  210mm (8-1/4")
 Power Point  1400W
 Full Load Speed  5000/min
 Weight  5.1kgs (11.2 lbs)


 Cat. No. C7


 Capacity  185mm (7-1/4")
 Power Point  1050W
 Full Load Speed  4700/min
 Weight  3.9kgs (8.6 lbs)


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