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Each tap has features especially designed to overcome specific tapping applications. The descriptions below will assist the tap use in making a selection of the tap needed for their specific tapping application.

We are offering the customer variety of taps such as hand taps machine taps, nut taps, etc. as the name implies, were designed for tapping nuts. Now most large production nut tapping jobs are done with bent shank nut taps. These taps are now used mainly for deep hole tapping where the work requires a tap with a long undercut shank and greater thread length. Please contact us if you have any specific large and custom made taps in hss, carbon and hssco.

You can click on the following links for threads per inch (TPI) and other specifications.


     Ground Thread Hand Taps.      Ground Thread Hand Taps unf form.    
      Ground Thread Hand Taps bsp.        Ground Thread Long Shank Machine Taps.
    Ground Thread Hand Taps bs.      Ground Thread Long Shank Machine Taps1.   
     Ground Thread hand Taps bscy.        Ground Thread Nut Taps.   
     Ground Thread Hand Taps bsf.        Ground Thread Nut Taps bsf form.
     Ground Thread Hand Taps unc form.      Ground Thread Nut Taps bsw form.   
     Ground Thread Hand Taps bsp Taper.          Ground Thread Nut Taps unc form.    

                                                      Ground Thread Hand Taps and Short Machine Taps


         Ground Thread Hand Taps And Short Machine Taps Metric Fine Pitch Threads.



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