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Milling Cutters

Addison Cutting Tools manufacturing includes all types of Milling Cutters. Milling Cutters covers a wide variety of rotating cutters that are used in all types of machining. Milling Cutters can be configured as either a solid construction or a holder and inserts construction. Tip or end geometries can be square end, ball nose, radius tip, or chamfer end.  If applicable milling cutters can have a finishing type. These include roughing or hogging, or finishing.

Milling Cutters can be constructed from one of the following materials, carbide, micro grain carbide, ceramic, cobalt, high-speed steel, and diamond PCD. Common configurations include end mills, face mills, shell mills, and many other application specific cutters and geometries.   


                Concave Milling Cutters.        Parallel Shank Slot Milling Cutters.
                Convex Milling Cutters.        Taper Shank Slot Milling Cutters.
                Cylindrical Milling Cutters.        Keyway Milling Cutters.

                                                            Shell End Single Angle Milling Cutters.


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