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End Mills.

Trade Combine offers a wide range of cutting tools,  that  included all types of Cutters, Tslot Cutters, Drills, Milling Cutters, Counterbores & Countersinks, End Mills - Parallel Shank End Mills - Roughing End Mills, Taper Shank End Mills, Shell End Mills.

End Mills are typically mounted vertically and have two or more helical flutes. End Mills are usually configured to cut with their ends and on their sides. End Mills are very widely used milling cutters. Shell End Mills are a larger  type of face or End Mills that mounts onto an arbor, rather than having an integral shank.

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    Parallel Shank End Mills  Inches.        Shell End Mills mm
    Parallel Shank End Mills mm.        Shell End Mills Inches.
    Parallel Shank Roughing End Mills        Taper Shank Roughing End Mills mm.
    Parallel Shank Roughing End Mills mm        Taper Shank End Mills Long Series mm
    Taper Shank End Mills Inches.        Taper Shank End Mills Standard Series mm

Addison Cutting Tools