Addison Cutting Tools

Core Drills.

We are the authorized distributors for "AKU", and "VANS" brand.  In our stock you find different types of core drills to suit your applications. We can also manufacture core drills with 5 % , 8 % cobalt and as per customer's specifications.

We request to browse our surplus stock section; where most of the tools from Addison, SRP, Jeson, Emkay in taps, extra long drills, special reamers, center drills are available at bargain prices.

Core drills are designed to enlarge previously drilled, cored, or punched holes 75% of the tool diameter. They have a 30 relieved chamfer nose suitable for drilling rough cores. Three and four flute core drills have better hole size than two flute drills and produce a very good surface finish (although not to the standard produced by a reamer.) Note: Core drills cannot drill an original hole.

Three flute core drills have more chip clearing than four flute core drills. They are used for deep holes and for holes requiring substantial enlarging.

You can click on the following links to go directly for Addison core drills specifications like cutting length and over all lengths:

    Taper Shank Core Drills mm.

    Taper Shank Core Drills Inch.


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Addison Cutting Tools

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